1000 Days of Trevor

December 5, 2016
Slightly bearded guy with hat on backwards and an envelope with 1000 written on it.

It took almost three and a half years, but after taking a photo of myself (nearly) everyday, I now have a video montage of 1000 photos of my face:

I’m super happy how this turned out. And because I started this a few months after moving to Montréal (January 2013), it’s a capsule of how my new life out here has turned out. The good and the bad.

I'll continue to keep doing it and vow to make another video when I hit 5000 days, which will be sometime in 2028 - 2029. Good God.

The Technical Stuff

In a post from almost four years ago, I showed a video of the first 100 days. In that post, I used the Everyday app and have been using it since. 

For 100 days, the app works well, but if you're going to use this app long-term, you're going to run into issues when you upgrade your phone. Everyday does have the option of uploading the photo to Dropbox, but it doesn't import the photos from Dropbox. Which is kinda nuts. 

There is an option to save a copy of each photo to your Photo Library, but this isn't ideal either. If I remember right, it doesn't save the photos in a dedicated album. So, you need to manually select each photo and drop it into an album. 

That's slightly tedious, but still doable? Well, no. When you do an export to your Photo Library, the date on the photo is when you took it, which means it's going to be scattered throughout your library. This kinda makes sense from a metadata perspective, but it's a real pain when you want to move all those photos into an album. 

But there's an even more infuriating part that you - or at least I - can't fix. If I did have all my photos in an album, there is an option to import those photos. But when I tried this, it only imported about 200 of them; roughly a third of my entire library at the time I got my new phone. Why?

I use iCloud Photo Library, so all my photos are stored in Tim Cook's basement. What I think is happening is that some photos from that album are stored locally on my phone (cached) and the rest are in the cloud. So when it goes to import, it's only grabbing the ones from the device. I tried at least a half-dozen times, but I kept getting roughly the same number each time. And the fact that I wasn't getting the same number each time makes me think that some of those photos were getting uncached from the device. 

OK, that's a long story. The gist is that Everyday is great on the surface, but long-term is a hassle. I don't have any other recommendations for now, but if you can suggest any, let me know.