Halloween Costume 2015 (and time-lapse)

August 13, 2016
Trevor Kjorlien standing in a Minute Maid juice box looking casually ridiculous.

This is clearly a delayed post (as I sit here opening my Calendar app and seeing Halloween 2016 is less than three months away). Jesus.

Last October, I went as a Minute Maid juice box. And with that comes a time-lapse video of me creating it.

Like the 2014 time-lapse, I've used my iPhone camera and the Frameographer app to pull it off. I've also once again used music from my friend, Ivan Reese.

Here it is:

But as I was creating this costume, a band I've been listening to religiously the last year and a half (The Brian Jonestown Massacre) released a single that I listened to repeatedly called "Pish". So I created an alternate version of the video using the song:

And even got a response from Anton Newcombe (lead of The Brian Jonestown Massacre):