Panorama: Projet Quai des Arts

April 23, 2013
En Masse Montréal - Quai Des Arts

Walk around Montréal long enough and you'll notice a few parts of the city have fantastic black-and-white drawings that absorb entire spaces. These are done by a group called En Masse, and they're quite the sight to see in person.

One of my favourite's is on St. Laurent, only a few blocks away from my house. What looks to be a retired shipping and receiving alley has been consumed with En Masse's black and white illustrations. It literally covers about every square inch they could possibly apply paint to.

After walking by dozens of times and being in awe, I decided to finally capture it using Photosynth. My high-school ego is shitting himself right now by recommending a Microsoft product, but this app (free, for iPhone) is incredible. I intend on doing other panoramas using this app.

If you visit this in person, beware of the triangular black hole on the sidewalk. You can see the effects of the worm hole by the appearance of the same man's leg twice on the street, and my own foot appearing above the sewer drain. Freaky stuff goes on around black holes.

For more info on this installation, you should read this and watch their video. French only, but we basically live in the future; translate that.

NOTE: If you have trouble viewing this embedded version below, check it out here instead.